Walk with the core member through crisis

What we do

What we ask of a core member


not to re-offend

in any way

For more on CoSA South Saskatchewan's understanding of friendship,
see Otto Driedger's short essay  Love and Friendship.

CoSA South Saskatchewan

What we do

Vital to success are these cornerstones of friendship.

We are volunteers from all walks of life who are willing to help recently-released offenders adjust to responsible community living. When a person is released from prison and requests a circle, we gather together 3 to 5 trained community volunteers to befriend and act as a support and accountability system for him or her within the 

*A second program, the Faith Community Reintegration Project, is described on the FCRP page.*

What do we ask of a Core Member?

larger community. At the same time, the circle attempts to ensure that community safety not be compromised.

Upon agreement with these conditions, the core member and the volunteers prepare a covenant signed by all parties.






"Walking Together for Everyone's Well Being"





Court Conditions

  1. Commit not to re-offend in any way.
  2. Commit to being honest with his circle. In return, the volunteers commit to being honest with the core member.
  3. Be thoroughly aware of his offence cycle, and be willing to discuss it with the circle.
  4. Commit to take responsibility and be accountable for personal actions.
  5. Live by any special conditions police and courts may have set.
  1. Advocate for the core member and mediate with various systems in support of the core member. Circles work in cooperation with police, probation, parole, neighbourhood groups and treatment professionals.
  2. Help the core member, when needed, to find suitable housing, employment, etc.
  3. Confront the core member about inappropriate attitudes and behaviour.
  4. Meet regularly with the core member to develop a bond of friendship.
  5. Walk with the core member through times of crisis.
  6. Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, achievements, and milestones in the core member's journey of community integration..