CoSA South Saskatchewan

CoSA SS is part of a Canada-wide network of CoSA centres and part of a growing international movement.
Through trust, support, and accountability, CoSA South Saskatchewan works with people who have previously offended sexually.
We seek to provide support to previously incarcerated offenders, resulting in living a crime-free, victim-free, productive life in the community. 

From stranger to friend

Coming Events

For further details on any coming event, contact us at 306.552-4098 or

See the CoSA Canada website for more detail.


All photos of people on this website are generic. The privacy of all program participants is taken very seriously.

"It's almost

too simple:

They offered him friendship."

It Works!

Research shows
sexual re-offending rates

for CoSA participants
are 82% lower than
for men not in CoSA!

"Walking Together for Everyone's Well Being"

"It is possible to change"

From offender

to contributor

to community