The following quote gives an example of the response of one who is moving from prison into a congregation and into a wholesome lifestyle through this program.
This person and his older brother lived alone for almost a year without anybody knowing it after his parents abandoned them.

At the time, he was three years old and his brother was seven, yet they managed to survive!

... a Moving Testimony

"It is possible to change"

"Walking Together for Everyone's Well Being"

This FCRP is the first community based chaplaincy in this region focussed on the spiritual needs of released long term prisoners.

"Who knows where I would be today?"


assists faith groups become more welcoming

Faith Community Reintegration Project

FCRP assists faith groups become more welcoming of those released from long term time spent in prison. Faith based groups are invited to gain confidence and skills in assisting a released person to integrate into the community.
There are approximately 100 long term federal inmates in this region. This FCRP is the first community based chaplaincy service specifically focussed on the spiritual needs of this group. 

"Well, God has really influenced my spiritual growth by helping me change the way I think and plan my day to day living, by bringing [He names congregational volunteers] into my life to show me that it is possible to change, and that I can live a positive life. 

I came from an alcohol and drug addictive lifestyle and changed my life around thanks to the FCRP/CoSA program.  I am happy today that this support was there for me.  Without the love and support, who knows where I would be today.  The members of FCRP/CoSA who are there for me, make me a better person.  I believe that they keep me accountable for what I am doing in my life and the community.  They keep me on the right track and help me with my daily growth and help me reintegrate back into society in a positive way.  With employment, spirituality and programs I continue to grow and am living a good life."

We continue to seek faith groups, congregations and volunteers to serve in this program. 
For more information  please contact Florence Driedger at
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